About Me

Hello friends,

My name is Bob Holland and if you own and operate a small business, you and I have a great deal in common. Many years ago I met a businessman on a ferry in Tasmania and he said something that stuck with me. We were discussing small business owners, and he said “we’re all the same”. It was hard not to agree with him.

He said people in our situation face the same dilemmas.

We all:

  • Have similar views on how a business owner should be allowed to operate
  • Face an ever mounting list of ridiculous compliant issues
  • Want more freedom to be able run our businesses our own way
  • Struggle with bureaucracy
  • As the nation’s leading employer group, we all crave for greater respect from government at all levels
  • Want an industrial relations system that isn’t weighted so unfairly against those who pay the wages

A Little Bit About Me

In my 67 years, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience in many areas of life, particularly business, I’ve also made my share of mistakes; I’ve won some and I’ve lost some, but I’m a lot smarter and wiser for having the experience.

First, let me briefly tell you about myself. I say “briefly” because my whole story would require a small book.

I’m 67 years old, have been married to the same lady for 45 years, have two adult children and three grandchildren, I live in Orange New South Wales and my wife and I currently own and operate a free community newspaper in the Central Tablelands area of New South Wales. It’s called Orange City Life and can be read online in full. For those interested, I am also a Bible believing, born again Christian.

My Career

For the past 30 years or so most of my work has involved the media in some way. I’ve been involved in everything from advertising sales to publishing, and most things in between. Some of you around the Central West of New South Wales may recognise a few of the publications and initiatives I’ve created over the years.

  • Pee Wee’s Television Guide
  • Blue’s Town and Country Mailbag
  • That’s Country Magazine
  • Mailbox Market

I mention these because they may bring back some fond memories for those people who came to enjoy them over the years.

During my career I have also written two small books on small business advertising, which helped many small business owners with their business marketing.

8 Out of 10

Next, let me explain why the name 8outof10.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds and hundreds of small business owners. Among these I have come across a whole range of different types of people. I’ve seen everything from very savvy entrepreneurs to those who procrastinate and seemingly can’t make a decision if their life depended on it.

I don’t claim to be anything extra-ordinary. However, if I have one strong quality it’s that I can and will make decisions when they need to be made, and often quickly, if the situation calls for it.

For me, running a small business is all about making rapid progress forward and the way I’ve always gone about that has been to make decisions in a quick and timely manner.

This approach has served me well, even though there have been many times when decisions I’ve made have not worked out as well as I’d like. On balance however, I’ve always been happy if at the end of the day, I can claim 8 good ones out of 10, hence the name for this network.

I’d now like to use what I’ve learned over all those years, along with a lot of life experience that I’ve gained as a media and marketing man, to help and encourage others.

Keeping in mind that we’re all the same, my guess is that many of you probably have a similar desire, or at least a willingness, to share your knowledge and experiences with other like-minded people.

8outof10 is my attempt to bring like-minded business owners all across Australia together to enjoy and share each other’s views, interests and experiences in such a way that we will all feel encouraged and good about what we do, be more motivated, and as a result of all this, we will all see our businesses be more profitable.

If that sounds like a positive and beneficial scenario, 8outof10 is where you need to be.