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Hello and welcome to 8outof10.  We’re happy to have you here and if you’re a small business owner who is struggling with the same issues as the rest of us, I think you will be happy you found us too.

My name is Bob Holland and I’ve spent my career as a small business owner in the media and marketing worlds, and have worked with hundreds of other small business owners.  From this experience, I have learned that most small business owners struggle with the same things:

  •     Finding quality information about marketing (that doesn’t cost a fortune)
  •     Knowing what has (and hasn’t) worked for other small businesses
  •     Getting information that applies to real-world small business owners
  •     Staying motivated and keeping a positive attitude

I’ve always thought there was a near-desperate need for a networking community for small business owners where they could learn and discuss these topics, so I created it!

This is not a site for every small business owner in Australia.  It is only for like-minded people who want value, can contribute some value from your experiences and history, and who want to connect with other small business owners who have a similar mindset.

That is what 8outof10 is – an online club of small business owners that encourages, supports and excites those who want to learn proven techniques and gain practical ideas for running your business more successfully.

This isn’t information and ideas from people who read a lot and then tell small business owners what to do.

This is about getting quality information and ideas from people who HAVE SUCCESSFULLY RUN small businesses.

Our focus is to gather genuine, front-line small business owners all across Australia who have similar interests and attitudes; people who want to enjoy your business AND live a happy and rewarding life as you negotiate today's modern and ever changing business environment.


As a small business owner, you have to make dozens of decisions every day. Some decisions are more important than others and some work out better than others. Sometimes you even have to make decisions before you know all the details.

However, on balance, I’ve always been happy if at the end of the day, I can claim 8 out of the 10 were good ones.  Read more here.

Our goal at 8outof10 is to provide you with enough information, encouragement and opportunity to improve your business.

  • Information - An ongoing stream of practical advice, tips and suggestions on a whole range of business and marketing issues.
  • Encouragement – The encouragement and motivation received from being surrounded by like-minded small business owners is a huge benefit. You will be surrounded by a network of people who  are facing the same challenges and are having the same experiences.  Sharing this information is priceless.
  • Opportunity – As a club member, you will be able to ask me questions or seek an opinion on just about anything related to running your business.  In some cases, those questions will be open to the entire group for a discussion and further ideas.