Products worth trying!

We all come across products at one time or another that we find very good. Of course, we come across a lot that aren’t so good too. When we do discover a good one, it’s worth sharing with friends so here’s a few from me that you might like to consider –

McDonald’s McCafe coffee

McDonalds may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to food or coffee but my wife and I have found that there are some things on the McDonald’s menu that we really like. One of these is the coffee from their McCafe section. In recent times we’ve found McDonald’s coffee to be very nice, very well priced and they often have deals where you can get a raisin toast, scone or muffin or something else for just a few cents more. And if that’s not good enough, grab one of their coffee loyalty cards and every 5th coffee is free.
If you’re looking for atmosphere and environment, McDonald’s probably is the place, but if you’re looking for good coffee, nice raisin toast etc. and exceptional value, Maccas is definitely the place to go.

Redwin Body Wash

For several years now my wife and I have been using a product called Redwin Sorbolene Body Wash as an alternative to soap. It comes in a pump container and we leave it in the shower all the time. It’s soft on the skin, very pleasant to use, goes an extra long way and at $9.99 for 1 litre, we feel it’s cheaper than soap. We buy ours from Chemist Warehouse where it’s always $9.99 but it’s more expensive elsewhere.

Too Good To Be True Cookbooks

My wife has been using a series of cookbooks called Too Good to Be True for several years now and she finds them to have oodles of delicious and practical recipes. There’s about 6 or more in the series now and they’re sold through newsagents. They really do have a lot of great recipes with many that we use over and over again. Here’s one for, would you believe it, “rissoles”. Try it then tell me these rissoles are not super nice.

Rippa Rissoles

Serves 6

1/2 cup raw brown rice
3/4 cup carrots grated
3/4 cup zucchini grated
1 small onion finely diced
500g very lean beef mince
1 teaspoon beef stock powder
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 sachet spring vegetable cup-a-soup (Continental)
1 egg white
pepper to taste
cooking spray

Follow cooking instructions on rice packet. Rinse and drain well. Place vegetables in a large mixing bowl. Add all remaining ingredients including cooked rice to bowl and combine well. Use your hands to achieve a good consistency with rissoles. Shape into 12 patties. If time permits refrigerate rissoles for a few hours before cooking. Generously coat a large non tick frypan with cooking spray, fry rissoles 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until cooked through and browned on both sides.

Variations: Replace beef mince with either lean chicken mince, lean lamb mince or lean pork mince.

Further 8 out of 10 tip: We prefer to make bigger rissoles, say 8 to 9 and then bake them in the oven on baking paper. Roughly 160-180 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes or until they’re cooked.

Chemtech CT-18 Superwash

This is a product we discovered years ago and still use it today. It’s basically a harmless all purpose cleaning gel and does a super job on washing the car, washing household tile floors and helps with spills etc. on driveways. Car accessory shops like Autobarn, Repco and Supercheap is where we pick it up and it’s worth shopping around a bit, the price can vary quite a few dollars between stores and although 1 litre will keep you going for a while, you may get the chance to buy a 5 litre container for the price of around 2 single litre containers.

Earth Choice products

These products, as the name suggests, are environmentally friendly. They’re available from supermarkets and there’s several different products in the range. We use a few of them but the one we use most is their dishwashing liquid. 1 litre costs under $2 and, by our standards, it’s as good as the best dishwashing liquids which can cost considerable more. It’s excellent!