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8 out of 10 is here to help you build your business and that will happen much better for you if you participate more by asking specific questions that may be on your mind.

The site contains a lot of tips and information, but of course much of it may not relate to your business directly.

If you would like ‘personalised’ advice about anything you feel I could help with, please don’t hesitate to email me using the contact form. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results you get from doing this and if it’s something you’re happy for me to share among other members, it could help others as well.

Please put me to the test!


Why join 8 out of 10?

Does anyone know of anything else that sets out to do what 8 out of 10 does?

Perhaps before you can answer that accurately, it’s worth asking yourself exactly what does 8 out of 10 set out to do?

It’s really quite simple.

8 out of 10 is there to help small business owners improve their businesses and their profitability. We do this in a number of ways but not necessarily by using clever or sophisticated words or methods or by hyping people us with unrealistic notions or expectations, it’s more about sharing simple good sense and business wisdom that has been gained through practical and real world experience by myself and others over many years.

What’s even more important, to be a part of everything 8 out of 10 offers, the cost to members is just $11 incl. gst a month and only for as long as you wish to be a member.

The bottom line is this……..

If after a month or two as a member you don’t feel you got $11’s worth of value each month, I’ve failed miserably.

If you invested $11 and joined 8 out of 10, you took an $11 punt on whether you’d gain $11 worth of value, enjoyment, entertainment and anything else you consider valuable for your money. I trust when you weigh it all up, you’ll consider the $11 you spend here as money extremely well spent – possibly the best money you’ve ever spent on improving your business and your overall attitude to being in business.

So, I said this was an ad and if you’re reading this, you’re already a member. What I’m hoping you’ll do for me is this – tell a friend about 8 out of 10! If you have friends in business who you think could benefit from being a member, please encourage them to go to our website and read what it has to say. Maybe you’d be willing also to share your impressions with them as well.