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99 out of 100 can’t all be wrong

You can do one of two things with the advice I’m about to give you – you can lock it in to your thinking and draw on it when somebody seemingly tries to spoil what is otherwise a good day, or you can disregard it suffer a lot more spoiled days than you need to.

It’s about human nature and it goes like this –

If you walk down the main street of where you live and 99 people smile at you and tell you what a great person you, and somewhere along the way just one person tells you they don’t like you and why, guess which of those 100 people’s comments will dominate your thinking for some time after?

I’m sure I don’t have to explain the whys and wherefores of this, suffice to say that while ever you let something that one nasty person, or one unreasonable customer or one obvious “nutcase” has said or done to you during your day dominate how you feel, a lot of energy that could otherwise be used to achieve positive things will be wasted while you dwell on the bad experience.

Every day could well have someone out to spoil your day, but they can only do that if you let them. If and when it happens, turn your mind immediately to some of the good things that happened earlier and let your mind enjoy these. Whatever you do, try to maintain balanced thinking in such cases. Good sense says if 99 people say you’re good and one says you’re something else, you can readily assume that 99 people can’t be wrong and confidently remind yourself – you’re good!