Don’t dismiss Discount Dockets too quickly!

There’s nothing new about businesses using Discount Coupons, Shopper Dockets or similar. They’ve been around for a long time.

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But why is it that some work far better than others?

There are a number of reasons for this but it would take quite a deal or explaining to cover everything.

Let me therefore, cut to the chase and give you some worthwhile pointers should you ever consider trying a discount docket of some type.


Some people, as much as they’d like to use them, wouldn’t be caught dead producing a discount coupon. It’s a pride thing.

There are some situations where people feel very comfortable producing a coupon and other situations where they don’t. Eg. On the plus side, coupons for take away meal deals, video movie hire, hair care offers, dry cleaning offers, meat and bread offers and so on. On the minus side, people are less likely to use a coupon at a clothing store, shoes store, hardware store or similar unless it’s a really spectacular offer.


Coupons should not be thought of as merely a means of giving people a discount.

Coupons should be designed and used to increase your overall sales or at the very least the amount someone spends with you in any single transaction.

Coupons should also be used for introducing new customers. Every new customer could then become potentially a regular customer and be worth hundreds of dollars to you into the future.


Coupon offers should at least appear to be a good offer. People aren’t fools.

Offering a free cup of coffee with a meal at an expensive restaurant simply won’t cut it.

Offering what appears to be a great meal deal at a takeaway food outlet will attract lots of people. It’s all about how you package the deal and how you present it. Eg. If you say Family Meal Deal – Chicken, chips, peas and corn for $20, some people will likely respond. However, if you say Family Meal Deal – Chicken, chips, peas and corn for $20, you save $3.80! – you’ll probably do considerably better.


When considering suitable offers, package in things where your profit margin is highest. Eg. Chips, rice, soft drinks, labour and bread can often be included to bulk up the overall value of a package deal but often costs you little to provide in the first place.

Done right discount dockets present businesses with a great marketing tool. If you’d like more specific advice about what to offer in a discount docket, feel free to email me via the’ Contact us’ facility.

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