Staying positive!

Over the recent Christmas break my wife and I entertained a friend who used to work for us but now works in the real estate industry. This friend is one who can be best described as the type of person who puts his all into anything he undertakes. Although a successful media salesperson, real estate was a completely new game for him but as he does with most things, he attacked the task with gusto.

Part of the process for him has been to access a facility not unlike what I’m trying to do here with 8 out of 10, but geared at the real estate industry. There’s a very successful real estate man who produces material and podcasts to help people like my friend become successful in the real estate industry and my friend has found his material extremely helpful.

Of course this real estate man has been there and done that, very successfully I might add, he’s now worth tens and tens of millions of dollars and is sharing what he has learned with others who are serious about becoming successful, like my friend.

That background leads me to what I really want to say here.

In the podcasts, my friend mentioned a couple of things that resonated with me and that are worth mentioning here.

First, the real estate guy, whose name by the way is John McGrath, said he doesn’t listen to radio or watch television. This caused my ears to prick up because I rarely do either and for exactly the same reason as John McGrath. He has no problem with what others do but for himself, he reckons anything important in the news that he needs to know about, he’ll hear about. For the most part however, he claims that listening to or watching the news just leaves him feeling lousy, “it’s all so negative” he says and he prefers to fill his mind with more positive things.

I totally agree but I also know how hard it is to do that day in and day out. That said, being hard is just that, hard but not impossible. That brings me to the other point John made that I also concur with him on.

Many people who are trying to achieve something worthwhile, when they come to a hurdle or obstacle, tend to become overwhelmed by it. Those who experience real success in their life, like John McGrath, are those who see hurdles or challenges in there right light, as simply another problem to overcome. You would have heard the saying “faith can move mountains” and although I believe that, I prefer to be more realistic in practice. My attitude is more along the lines of “yes, it’s a problem, maybe a big one, but there’s usually a way to overcome it”. I love the lines in the Apollo 13 movie when the astronauts were running out of air and were still a long way from Earth. It appeared absolutely impossible that they would get them home given the situation with the air they faced. Despite this, the head of mission control famously said “Gentlemen, failure is not an option” and “work the problem” and incredibly they did and the result was the safe return to Earth of the Apollo 13 astronauts. Movie? Yes but based on the true story.

John McGrath and people like him, who succeed where most others fail, are people who do not let reasons “why not” get in the way of their go forward progress. They are people who consider “failure as not an option” and they “work the problems they face”. I can personally vouch for the fact that when “I’ve worked a problem”, more times than not, I’ve overcome it.

I’d go so far as to say that if you don’t develop an attitude where working problems is part of your norm, you’ll never reach your full potential or realise your dreams to the same extent you may have otherwise.

“Staying positive” is much more than a nice notion, it’s a life skill that successful people take very seriously and work very hard to develop. I hope, with John McGrath’s help, that I’ve encouraged you to think about ways that will help you stay positive as you go about your daily grind.

stay positive

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